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S4L Industries understands the power and responsibility of being small business owners. Nelson and Milagros came to this country and, through hard work and patriotism, were able to achieve their dreams. They hope to inspire other business owners through their efforts and positive mindset. It is with utmost gratitude for the S4L team and clients that Nelson and Milagros continue to expand every day as the largest food truck and trailer manufacturers in South Florida. We are renowned for top quality and competitive prices.

Consumers have shifted their taste to unique gourmet cuisine at budget-conscious prices. The mobile cuisine industry has provided consistent double-digit growth over the last seven years. And given the prominence of social media, a food truck or trailer allows you to connect your customer base via social media, as customers can easily be made aware of your location and new menu choices. As proud manufacturing leaders, we guarantee the best prices. Why should you buy a food truck or trailer from S4L Industries? It is simple; we do not only design, we create, service, and support our clients.

S4L Industries understands the importance of providing mobile business owners a one-stop shop. With more than 30,000 square feet, you can select the largest variety of machine and tools to elevate your food truck or trailer. Your trailer or truck comes equipped with state permits, allowing you to leave upon purchase. Additionally, a yard equipped with electricity and water is available for parking and surveillance.

Given our banking relationships, financing options are ready. Bring any equipment quote from another company to see how we can improve upon it. We accept all types of payment.

S4L offers every type of welding such as stainless steel, aluminum, and iron. Not only are we the leading food truck and trailer provider, we also have a top team of mechanics who are ready to do any type of repair service you may need. Services such as restaurant hoods, food trucks, trailers, steam tables, custom tables, shelves, A/C stands, generator boxes, propane tank covers, box trucks, and exhaust fan bases to mention a few.

financing options
directly with the bank